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Trust your case management by means of clinical sonography.

“If it’s sick, it needs a probe.”

Carolina Veterinary Mobile Ultrasound :

Full-Service Imaging and Telemedicine around North Carolina

At Carolina Veterinary Mobile, we provide pragmatic, diagnostic, efficiency-oriented ultrasound interpretation and a complete set of images every single time. New customers receive their first ultrasound for FREE. From Charlotte to Sugar Mountain, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and even towards Durham, we cover many areas in North Carolina. Please reach out if you need us and are not sure if we cover your area.

Carolina Veterinary Mobile emphasizes optimizing diagnostic efficiency with ultrasound services while also taking into account the valuable time of medical professionals and support staff within your hospital.

Our experienced general practitioner, Kathleen Byrnes, DVM  comes to your clinic, performs the ultrasound on your patient, and provides you with a comprehensive report. The report includes sonographic findings and internal medicine diagnostic and treatment recommendations with annotated images identifying any pathology or areas of interest. If needed, she performs ultrasound-guided needle aspirates, abdominocentesis or pericardiocentesis.

Carolina Veterinary Mobile helps you get the answers you need quickly while keeping your cases in-house. You receive routine reports within 24 hours of case submission; STAT reports in less than 6 hours.

Kathleen Byrnes, DVM 

Carolina Veterinary Mobile’s pragmatic general practitioner, Dr. Kathleen Byrnes, DVM has extensive experience with ultrasound. Learn more about her by clicking below.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of specialists provides quality reports utilizing cutting-edge technology and high-resolution imaging. Because our specialists are on the road Monday-Friday, you’ll find appointments are easy to schedule, and you can expect quick response from our team.

Sonography Services

New customers receive their first ultrasound FREE. You can expect pragmatic, diagnostic, efficiency-oriented interpretation and a complete set of images every single time. Call now to schedule.

Ultrasound Appointments

It’s easy to book with us– just call or email to book your appointment. Generally, we at Carolina Veterinary Mobile give a 2-hour arrival window. Please have all patient forms filled out before our team arrives.

Looking for Your Ultrasound Report?

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